Healthy veggies and spices – long and healthy life  


Having fresh vegetables in your diet is one of the simplest ways to improve your health and prevent the development of many chronical diseases. Any types of vegetables are good for you, but some have more effect than others. They will provide you enough energy to last you through the day; you will feel more satisfied, active and in the mood.

Here are few veggies and spices that are extremely good for your health.


This vegetable is in the use for centuries, has a deep rich color and it is known as a cure for blood, it regenerates liver, regulates anemia and blood pressure. It can be made as a salad, or you can use it for juice.


This orange miracle has a lot of nutrients beneficial for eyes, skin and hair. Famous by its beta carotene, which is transformed in vitamin A in the body carrots are the powerful source of antioxidants that prevents your cardiovascular system of damage.


This vegetable is rich in cilium, calcium and phosphorus; it contains almost all vitamins B and C. It encourages the work of liver and spleen, it has a diuretic effect and regulates digestion.


Spinach has a healthy amount of vitamin C, K, A, it will protect your heart and blood vessels and vitamin K is important for proper development of your bones. People who have malign diseases should include spinach regularly in their diet. It can be prepared as an addition to smoothies or as a separate dish.


It doesn’t matter if its red, green or yellow, pepper is rich with healthy nutrients which are necessary for the proper development and normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, it also has lycopene and folic acid. Recent research shows that everyday intake of this vegetable may reduce the risk of lung cancer, colon, bladder, and pancreas.



There are little vegetables that can beat the potential of broccoli, it has a lot of vitamins and minerals and since is full of antioxidants it reduces the risk of stomach cancer, lung and rectum cancer. Broccoli has beta carotene, vitamin C, and folates.


Ginger is extremely popular as a spice, its root has spicy sour structure and it is used for detox of the whole body, but also has many other uses in the prevention of diseases. It is a great remedy for the weight loss because it speeds up the metabolism and if you have a problem like sour throat, you can drink tea made of ginger.


Parsley has a lot of vitamins C and A and also extremely rare B12 which is responsible for the creation of red blood cells. Parsley is the spice that has the largest amount of vitamin C in nature. It is extremely helpful with the bladder infection and kidneys and it also purifies the blood. The best way to use it is to make a tea out of parsley.


This is one of the most powerful spices in the world, they call it the elixir of the health, it has extremely powerful antioxidants called curcumin. Turmeric prevents inflammation processes in the body and it is used in the treatments of most severe disease such as cancers and tumors.


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